Enjoy Brown Bomber Hard Latte – a great tasting ready-to-drink coffee with malt liquor that’s the perfect companion for any occasion!  Brown Bomber Premium Hard Coffee Beverages are made with 100% Arabica Coffee, premium malt, and delicious flavor. Coffee isn’t just a morning thing, and you don’t need to wait until happy hour to enjoy an adult beverage. At 5% alcohol by volume, Brown Bomber Hard Latte is yours to enjoy any time of day – morning, afternoon, or evening. Bring along and share with friends at home, parties, tailgating, grilling out, or enjoying a campfire.  Sit back, relax and enjoy any social occasion with Brown Bomber Hard Latte.


Quality Ingredients.  What’s not to like about the combination of coffee and malt alcohol!? Brown Bomber Hard Lattes are made from the highest quality ingredients featuring 100% Arabica Coffee and premium malt.

Value Great Taste.  Because Brown Bomber Hard Latte uses premium ingredients it tastes great!  With low alcohol content and a smooth, well-balanced taste, Brown Bomber Hard Latte is super easy to drink.

The Perfect Companion.  Brown Bomber is convenient and ready-to-drink – making it the perfect complement for any social occasion.  Anywhere, any time, it’s yours to enjoy!

Hard Latte | 5% Alc/Vol

Brown Bomber Hard Latte – Yours to Enjoy Responsibly!

©2019. Please Drink Responsibly. Brown Bomber Hard Latte is a coffee plus malt alcohol beverage for adults 21 years of age and older to drink and enjoy responsibly.